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depending on where you live you can get them in pet stores where i live in all the pet stores have them for $10 hope it helps a lil
My beardie doesnt use his hammock but I found mine at a random pet store. I would Google Zoomed or other pet stores online that may carry them. :(


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I dont know if it helps but I know both Petco and Petsmart carry them.


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i just made my own, cost about 2 dollars total lol, i could have put a little more time into it and sewed a piece of fabric over the edges but i just bought suction cups at walmart that have the metal inserts with 2 prongs on them and then took the mesh fabric also bought at walmart and folded it over a few times then cut it into triange and weaved the mesh through the metal prong then slid it back into the suction cup and set into place. Doing it this way you can make them as big or small as you want and for under 5 dollars you could probably make 6-8 or so, the suction cups come in a six pack i believe so they are the most expensive part, the fabric you can get a few yards for a buck or so, and can get many diff colors as well, just my input. dino uses his every once in a while...
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