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hey guys, just wonderin how you make a hammock from scratch.. im planning to make one and if possible, can someone provide me the materials for making one? and a simple step by step procedure on how to make it? hehe im using an aquarium (so its glass :))as housing for my beardie :) thanks!


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If you have the suction cups for it, just get a piece of towel or fleece. Cut it in a triangle shape, then cut holes in the corners and hang it up. Thats all the ones you buy are, just different material.
there not expensive? lol, but if you want to make one them you need to use weaving. you could get nylon strings or anyother plastic rob fort thing that are thin. then weave a square, cut one side of then fold the cut edges and ment hte open ends of plastic to the underneath. thats basically what mines like and i brought mine from amazon. but also cutting triangles out of materials sounds easy if you got the pad things. i got three i don't need them cuz my vivs wooden and i just use drawwingpins to hold it in place and that works fine. ok thanks for listening hope its helpful :)


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Unless you have some supplies around the house that u can use it would probably be cheaper to just buy one.. they are usually about $8


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I made mine from shade netting, but didn't go the triangle route. I made a rectangle, then realized I don't have enough space in the viv! I ended up folding them into an upside down triangle, now they fit snuggly into the corner.


go to petmountin and just buy one i just bought the large one from then for 4.00 dollars!!!
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