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Hi guys can anyome advise me how to heat a 40 gal tank for beardie with halogen flood.lights.. if it is safe and specifications.. the basking bulbs 150w total has driven my utilities sky high in new york... i heard halogen is more cost effective.. right now cool side low 80s hot side high 90s.. basking about 105.. if someone can tell me if the cost efficiency is true and if its safe.. wattage setup etc id appreciate it.. thanks


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Unfortunately you are going to need to just play around with different bulbs/types/brands until you find what works. You can definitely use halogen bulbs, but it still will be trial and error in finding the right bulb. The fixture you are using it in plays a role too, along with how much heat you are losing out of the enclosure.

At 22 cents per kilowatt hour, a 150w bulb running 12 hours a day should only cost you 40 cents per day to run, or about $12 a month. A 75 watt bulb would cut that in half to $6 a month assuming you find a 75 watt bulb that works for you.

If you have an open top tank, or one with screen mesh, it wouldn't hurt to drape a towel over the bulk of the exposed areas during the winter months to help keep heat in.


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