Halogen floodlights not sold in California - substitutes?


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Hi all, I tried looking for posts on this but didn't see any - sorry if this is a repeat.
California just banned the sale of halogen light bulbs in January of this year - energy efficient bulbs only, so that means bulbs that give off lots of heat are generally not sold now. I had a few extra bulbs on hand, but as they seem to burn out every couple months I'm now down to my last bulb (was using a 1600 lumen PAR38 80w halogen floodlight). I can't order them online any more (nobody will ship to a California address). What is an appropriate replacement? Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks!!


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You can still buy specialty halogens and incandescent, it's only the general purpose ones that are banned. So specific reptile heat bulbs are ok, photography halogens should still be ok, etc.


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