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I have always wondered about gut loading my question is for example if I gut load my crickets with sweet potato the crickets eat and whatever nutrients the potato has the crickets absorb BUT does your beardie taste the sweet potato too or does the beardie only taste crickets i have used squash regular/sweet potato apples fruit greens and veggies ect I'm currently trying tropical fish flakes but she wont really eat the crickets now which is the only reason why im asking

Any help is appreciated

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I gut load my crickets and superworms with
1) buk or puk choi leaves
2) carrot
3) adult bearded dragon pellets ( hard dry type ) - I crumb them for the superworms and mix them with wheat bran.

Crickets only get carrot and adult bearded dragon pellets til a few days before I am ready to use them. They then get the greens added.

NOTE I don't keep all my crickets together in one container - I buy in bulk ( 600 per 2 - 3 weeks ) and break down in 6 - 10 "old Piscus cricket tubs" , this way I protect from odd occasional sick cricket causing a mini - cricket pandemic.

Supers I give the greens left over from supers ,pellets left over from crickets & any greens left by the bluetongues and bearded dragons.

Make sure to replace the carrot and the greens when they go "off".
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