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Growth near eye!


Hi so maybe 2 weeks ago my lil girl, Cheesecake, kept closing her left eye. She would barely open it. I thought maybe she had something in it or possibly scratched it and so I used saline solution for a few days which seemed to help. Then about a week ago I noticed a lump growing outside of her eye. It doesnt seem to be bothering her and she has had no issue opening her eye since. Though i'm not sure if I'm paranoid, but it seems to be growing.
I've done some googling and found nothing. She cant have been bit by anything because I never leave live food in her viv, she eats them straight from tongs.
Anyone have any advice? Or know what it could be?


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Got my dates a little mixed up but here's a picture of when I first noticed it (taken 12 days ago)

And a picture I took today

Its definitely growing and I'm worried it's going to interfere with her eyesight ):
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