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Ryuu must have doubled in weight in the last week. I don't remember him being quite so... chunky? He's had his first shed, and is psycho dragon when I try to pick him up. I have no idea why. But, a (cell phone) picture from tonight of my boy (or girl?)



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That may be a 2 person picture. He's a bit of a spaz lately- doesn't want to be held and freaks out in the bath. I may have to (somehow) get him upstairs to the tub so he quits jumping out of the sink on me. It's a bit freaky. He's still sweet though, but no where near as snuggly. I think maybe he was scared before, not snuggly... who knows. Does he look any bigger compared to this picture (or healthier?)



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He'll get more cuddly as he grows older. He does look like his body is fuller compared to the second pic you posted. Great job! You won't believe how fast they grow! It's crazy! And awesome.
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I just set Swordtail's timer for his bath and paused it so I could actually fill his soaking bowl up and he crawled over my phone and canceled the timer 🤣
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