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Grouting a background


I've rehabbed a armoire for my little guy. I took 1/2" pink insulation and used great stuff spray foam to texture it. I watched lots of videos and every one did it differently. I've put on two layers of grout so far and I'm not sure that it is going to work. The first layer went on ok but dried like chalk. It was easily rubbed off. I had trouble getting the second layer to stick, the first layer would rub off. I ended up thinning the grout to almost pourable so I could get it on. It's dry now and ready for another layer. My question is what consistency should it be? Is it normal for the first layer to rub off so easily? If I push on it too hard the grout crumbles. Is that normal, will it get stronger with more grout layers and sealing? Should I keep going or cut my losses?
I know I'm late to the party, but I've found that making the first later more liquid and thickening it up with each additional layer works pretty good. I did 4 layers ranging from paint to peanut butter consistency. Also sprayed with water from a spray bottle to keep the outer layer damp as the inner layers worked on drying, but idk if you're "supposed" to do that or not? It worked for me, though.
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