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I used to refer anyone needing iguana help to To me, that site is to iguanas what this site is to beardies. I haven't been there in quite some time until today, and found that the site is no longer up? It says domain name has expired. I couldn't find them in a yahoo search. So where do people go for expert iggy advice nowadays? (Not that this site isn't great for advice, but surely there's a good site dedicated to iggys...)


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That's a really great question, and I'd LOVE to know. I just got an iggie and have been trying to read up as much as possible. I've been looking a lot at Kingsnake, as well as Melissa Kaplan's and Tricia's care sheets.

Anyone else have any other references? Especially for Cycluras (rock iggies)?


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WOW! I didn't know GIS was out! I was just on that site a few days ago, I am on it all the time, I hope they renew the domain. Iguana Den is good too.


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Oh yay...glad to hear it was a temporary thing. I hadn't been there for months, so for all I knew it had been down a while.
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