Great Dubia's people !!!!!!

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Let Me tell You about the Dubia Roach's--- I got, Lola has been eating Them everyday since I got Her and is starting to pick up weight and Her color is getting better ,Her poop is Better and I own it all to this company http://www.midwestdubia.comThey where a vender There and I really did not have time to talk to Them there but like I said since I have had Lola these people have been the BEST.They are a member on here and have answered all My questions and helped Me with the Dubias in every way WHAT A GREAT COMPANY LOVE THEM SO ORDER ORDER ORDER THEY ARE GREAT !!!!


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I just placed an order with them and he called me personally to ensure all of it was correct. He didn't want to rely on email since it's been so whacky for him lately! I was thoroughly impressed! Talked about sizes and what not of the dragons so that I was getting the best bang for my buck! Wonderful prices!!!! Anxious to see them next week (could have shipped today but wasn't sure if I would be around saturday to get them if they came then rather than friday!)

Excellent customer service! love it!


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thanks for the info! As much as I'm scared about seeing bad things, I'm gonna head up to the taylor show and buy some feeders from these guys and talk with snake breeders. hopefully getting a snake soon :)


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Yes,They are GREAT .They have been helping Me alot with the new Beardie's.Great people .Love Them. :blob8: :blob8: :blob8:
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