Great Adventure

Just want to share the quick version of my dragon Kronos great adventure. I eventually hope to write a children's book or something with it! He got out, of the house, past dogs, was gone for 3 weeks, walked over an acre and crossed traffic. Got him back after putting up fliers in the neighborhood, still assuming he was somewhere in the house! Had him for a healthy 12 years, grieving his loss now. They're faster and way smarter than some give credit for. He was always my trouble maker lol!

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I see my lizard is being given Allopurinol 100ml tablet 10mg/ml (0.4) and tramadol 0.2ml every other day to help with gout. I have tramadol at home can I water it down and give it to her and if so do anyone know how much to water down ?

Baby photo! Look at how little and cute I was!!!
Buffy snuggling with my partner!!!
Gout in bearded dragons
So freaking handsome I just love youuuuu so much 💕

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