Gravid female reabsorbed eggs?

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I do thank you for chiming in on this post. I had never heard of it until I opened this post up the first time. We might have been in speculation to this had you not. Thank you. :wink:
Just to clarify:
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“The females produce "follicles" in their ovaries, which are basically just ova surrounded by yolk. These are released from the ovary ("ovulation"), but don't have shells added until they are inside the oviduct - at this point they'd be referred to as "eggs".”

According to the x-ray egg "follicles" were found:
While it is possible that follicles are reabsorbed “Eggs” are not. They are expelled.

Edit: I openly admit that I did not read through all 114 pages of this post so if it does clarify by a professional source anywhere in this thread that actual “eggs” were “reabsorbed” I would appreciate being directed to that post.
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