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So I got Frankies temps about perfect (95-110F basking spot, 75-85F cold side) so I'm curious about his diet now.
I got him on super worms right now, 3 a day excluding weekends, and he gets collard greens and squash salad daily. I also give him calcium with d3, 3 times a week, and sprinkle vitamins on his salad once a week. I was wondering if my diet is good for him. Also, I want to switch to Dubai roaches and want to know how many of them I should feed him.


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He’s one year old right? Super worms are on the fattier side of feeders so dubias or silkworms or BSFLs would be a better staple imo. But supers are a good treat 😄

At one year old he should have 80% veggies so I think you can either keep doing 1-3 insects a day, or just feed him like 5 insects 2-3 times a week. All depend on the size of the feeders of course. Calcium/vitamin schedule looks good too :D Variety is key to a healthy diet!

Dubias come in various size, a friend of mine feeds her adult beardie 3 dubias twice a week. She uses the biggest (adult) dubias. The thing about dubias is that they’re high in protein, so don’t feed your roaches high-protein food like dog/cat food. Otherwise they can have a uric acid build up and in turn lead to gout in your beardie.


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Sir Henry of Scales
here's a website on foods. ignore the kale, it has been studied since the site was made and has been found to be a great staple green. Nutrition Content

here, we do a rotation of collard, mustard, kale, dandelion, and watercress for greens. then add various colored peppers, sweet potato, and yellow squash. occasionally for treats it will be blueberry or raspberry. salads get topped with granulated bee pollen.

sir henry refuses to eat anything with powder on it. so we give liquid calcium 3x a week and liquid vitamin 1x a week. because his staple bug is dubias, as a preventative for gout, we give these in a little tart cherry juice powder, mixed in about 1/2 tsp water. giving the supplements this way lets us make sure he gets them in even if he has a day or two where he doesn't feel like eating much. both liquids and the powdered tart cherry we use are from tracie's website. Reptile Supplies by Bug-De-Lite

bugs, as mentioned dubias are the staple. they live in a 30 gallon tote and get fed whatever salad sir henry hasn't finished every night. he usually eats 3-5 2x a week. size varies, but they are usually large. we don't actively breed them, so we buy 200 tiny guys and let them grow up while feeding off the prior delivery. we order from

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Nice looking beardie ! Good advice on the feeding, you might also consider a tall basking log for him. Beardies love to climb and it ensures that they can get closer to the heat + uvb.

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