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Goodbye my sweet Albus

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My husband found our sweet beardie deceased the morning.

He lived such a short and challenging life.

I got him in February of 2014 with an approximate birthday of November 2015.

Early on we battled parasites which stunted his growth.

Every time the weather got colder he would struggle no matter what we tried and would lose weight. He became very ill again the beginning of this year but we were able to nurse him back to a healthy weight and he was so happy and doing so well.

A few weeks ago we noticed his weight was decreasing so we went out and got carnivore care to assist. We had discussed the potential of euthanizing him if he didn’t gain weight this time. This has happened to him every year for the last 3 years and we take him to the vet and end up with using the carnivore and getting him back to health, we felt if we had to do that again it would just be too hard on him. As last year he was so ill we had to inject fluids into him and that was very challenging on him.

Needless to say our sweet beardie passed away over night and we are devastated.

RIP Albus
November 2013- September 24 2018
We’ll miss you forever.


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