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Goodbye, Mr. Cool

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, my beardie Julianos the Cool has passed. After two months of constant research, worrying, feeding, bathing, and etc, today he passed.
I really tried my best, but it still feels hard. I should’ve gotten him to the vet sooner. Ironically, tomorrow was supposed to be his checkout day. I was too late to try and help him.

With this loss, I’m still confused. Just about 4 weeks ago, he was perfectly fine. He ate his Dubia roaches and occasional nutrigrub. I gave him his baths and could coerce him to eat collard greens once in a while. His basking temps would be around 110 and his light is a reprising 10.0 uvb, which I kept above the tank about 12 inches from his usual resting spot. His cooling spots could reach 75 degrees, which I’ve measured with a digital probes. His humidity was kept around 30-40 in his final weeks always.

I had originally gotten him from petsmart 2 months ago. Was it something that was already wrong with him or was it something he ended up developing?
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