Good reptile vet in the Lancaster, PA Area?

Hello, got what I would guess to be a 5-7 week old bearded dragon. I'm trying to find a good reptile vet in the Lancaster, PA area. Anyone on here from the area that could steer me in the right direction? I'd really like to get a basic checkup done and a fecal test ran. Don't really wanna buy meds to treat something that might not be a issue or without a vets opinion.

Thanks. The only one I really know of or have experience with is about 45 minutes to a hour away.. and it's almost impossible to get an appointment.

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I don't know of anyone in the area based on personal experience, but I suggest taking a look through this list as a starting point If there are some near you, I'd give them a call to see if they have experience working with bearded dragons. It's a good idea to establish a good relationship with a vet by going in for wellness checks like you're trying to do. It can help a lot to have history and trust if a problem arises in the future.
If anything really serious comes up, you could also go into Philadelphia to Ryan Veterinary Hospital. Teaching hospitals often have access to pretty advanced equipment.

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I have questions about bubbles on our bearded dragons eye.

So he’s gotten bubbles on his eye. We wiped them off and it’s only been twice in the last few weeks. Should we be concerned? No coughing or congestion. He’s very hungry and sleeps well. He’s 8-9 month range. His humidity is 30-40 day time and as high as 50-55 at night to early morning.
Should we be concerned?

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