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Gluing sliding door tracks to melamine

I'm in the process of making a vivarium out of melamine. I am having a hard time deciding whether I want to get the plastic track for the sliding doors or one of those tracks with the wheels on them. I know many people have used the plastic tracks that you glue on, but has anyone had any experience in gluing them to the smooth surface of melamine? I have seen them glued to the exposed mdf, but that's not what I'm wanting to do. I'm going to be using glass doors rather than plexiglass and my worry is that the tracks will not be secure enough for the heavier doors, which will be about 25"x30" each.

Here are the two tracks I'm considering:





BD.org Addict
I used the sliding plastic tracks on a melamine enclosure and I actually used very small nails to hold it on. Worked fine for many years but honestly, I would go with the wheeled ones for heavy glass.
Use a good strong epoxy to glue the tracks with.
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