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Glass Surfing Since Tank Upgrade

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Figment has never been one for serious glass surfing, other than after he makes a "deposit" and gets the lizard zoomies. Since I upgraded him to the Zen 4x2x2', however, he's been doing a LOT of glass surfing (at least he has today; I'm assuming he's been doing it more because he's scratched my plexiglass like nobody's business... grrrr...) and has even been occasionally trying to climb the back wall. I'm not sure if it's because of the new hab, the new UV bulb (more powerful than his old one), or just settling in. I was working from home today, so I saw him doing it quite a bit... took him out for walkabout twice, and he still keeps at it. Now he's finally calmed down for a while... but should I be concerned?


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Blaze did alot of glass surfing when I first put him in the tank too --- I think he needs to get used to it -- as long as you have the 14% bulb at a good distance he should calm down-- could be male hormones going on but lets see how long this goes on for --- some others on here might have some ideas too
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