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Glass surfing after switching substrate!


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Hey everyone! I am new to owning a bearded dragon and went to pet smart and bought their setup and realizing from the exotic pet store that was not the best idea. It came with sand so I had him set up with that but a few days ago switched to carpet after hearing about impaction and all kinds of horrible things. So I notice when I turn his light out to go to bed now he seems restless. He will glass surf and kind of run around a bit. The first couple nights I held him and gave him a little back rub and put him on his sleeping branch and he was ok.Tonight when I picked him up he clinged to me and immediately fell asleep. I felt so horrible moving him back into his tank for bed ? How long does it usually take for them to get used to the changes? I used to turn his light off and he would run to his branch and close his eyes until morning.


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Are you using any colored bulbs for heat? If so shut them off --- dragons like cool and dark to sleep temps at nite around 65-75 ---- please go over the UVB your using and the basking temps-- please no stick ons --- and no coils for UVB's --- please no heat mats or rocks -- the reptile carpet is good for now but your going to get tired of washing it and sometimes the nails get caught in it causing injury --- I would recommend getting some textured NON adhesive shelf liner from Walmart or you local home improvement store --- cut to the size of the tank and clean w/ vinegar/ water 50/50 --
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