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Glass surfacing resulted in lost scales under chin


New member
Hi all!

I have a 3 year old male bearded dragon. Recently after moving house I have noticed that the was extremely active and glass surfing non stop. Form this I noticed that he has removed some scales around his chin area. Still eating and pooing fine and no discolouration in the area. I purchased him a much larger vivarium to see if it would help with the glass surfing. So far no glass surfing and seems fine. I noticed this even that the area on the chin where he has removed scales seems to have darkened to a darker red/brown in shade. I am concerned that he has bruised himself or the beginning of what could be rot? I have attached a photo of his chin. Any opinion/experience with the same issue would be fab!


BD.org Sicko
It will be fine, you can put a bit of raw honey on it to accelerate healing. Just be sure there are no loose insects in the enclosure.


BD.org Sicko
Its great he got a new tank -- what size did he go to and your lighting did you haft to upgrade that as well? If so what are you using ? The scab on the mouth you can use some raw unpasteurized honey on it -- he might eat it tho which is fine just dont feed crickets in the tank as they will want to eat it too :)


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Original Poster
Ah great! Thanks for the replies. I have gotten him a 48x24x24 inch tank. Lots more space and kept the same basking fixtures but upgraded the watt voltage and kept the same uv that fits nicely with the new tank
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