Getting my beardie to drink water

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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get your beardie to drink more water. I have only seen Grievous drink from his water dish once, and sometimes he will drink when I bath him. I mist him everyday and bath him about every other day. Any suggestions on how to make sure Grievous stays hydrated?


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Not a problem. Do a quick read through of my care sheet (link in sig) It's up to date with the most recommended advice on the forums. There is also a nice link to a nutrition chart.


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I've been bathing Toothless daily as I was instructed by members here. But while in the sink I drip water on his nose. The first 5-6 times he licks it off, after that he shakes his head lie a dog to get it off and I know he's had enough.



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Yes, and he always eats them. What concerns me most is that for the last month or so he won’t drink any water when I bath him, and his skin is a little wrinkled and I heard that could mean he is dehydrated. I’m just worried he isn't getting enough water.


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all of mine drinks from a bowl. If they are thirsty, they will drink. You probably have never seen it, but they don't drink that much and often. they can get a lot of moisture they need from the veggies they eat. If you don't feed a lot of veggies and only offer bugs, you will see them drink much more often. That's just what I observed from all my animals. Even the green iguanas will drink out of a bowl; I've caught my iguana drinking in front of me several times and one time he drank from the bathtub when I was bathing him.


Mine didn't like the bowl when I first had it in the tank. I took it out because it was spiking the humidity in the viv and now I give him a bath every day. If he's thirsty he will dip his head in to drink the water. After that he's usually done and don't want to be in the little plastic tub anymore lol.
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