Getting a well bred dragon.

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Hello, I currently have a normal beardie. But I'm on the look out for a zero leatherback male. I have came across two that I'm super interested In. But I'm very aware that breeding certain ways can cause not so healthy babies. The one I found is a baby from a hypo zero het trans x hypo wits pair. From what I have been reading on, this is not so good? Can someone confirm this for me and help explain why. The second one I found is a baby from Translucent dunner het hypo/zero/wits x leatherback 1/4 hybrid Barbara het hypo/zero. This is the better breeding? The labeling really confused me with this one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Typically speaking, if you are talking healthiest, you'd want to go with the het pairings, so the second one you mentioned would theoretically be a safer option.
However, the first wouldn't be bad either as it got it's zero trait from only one parent too.

What equally comes into importance too is the breeder. You want to be using a well known and trusted breeder when buying these new types of morphs. Who are the two breeders you are looking at?



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The first is from an Instagram account called biblical_dragons. I have never heard of them before. And the second is from premier dragons, who I have heard about.
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