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Hello everyone!
(I think this was the best to place to post this)

I have been trying to find detailed information of the Zero morph / genetics and how they were originated. Where would be the best place to find this information? I am wanting to find further information aside from the basic regarding the genetics of each morph and how they came to be.

I have a BEAUTIFUL male Zero (not hypo), and did previously speak to the breeder about him and a witblits I have. But the conversation regarding the witblits got so in depth I can't remember if he said the little Zero was recessive for anything. The witblits is hypo high colored, het trans. The Zero and Witblits are not from the same gene pool (but are from the same breeder/seller) so I can not say based off what the witblit has. I am assuming he has been working on Zeros, witblits and possible weros so am hoping I might get lucky for a het hypo at bare minimum.

I am wanting to know generally, about what amount/percentage of Zeros carry some type of recessive genetics? Rather it be hypo, trans, witblit, etc. It just makes sense that a majority would have recessive traits as most people breed het zero x het zero or hypo zero x het zero etc. Pretty much leaving room for other traits to cross.

I hear people saying to "prove it out" but what about those who do not wish to breed or breed unnecessarily?
I am aware without "proving it out" we can only form opinions and theories based off previous experiences.

(I did text the guy about it but he was driving back from an expo and maybe he forgot to reply, but has not texted the traits.)
((Also, I do adore the little Zero which is why I got him, as a pet. He is family and loved. He is special.
In the end it doesn't matter if he has any recessive traits or not; I am just the perfect example of "curosity killed the cat" lol.))

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I think zeroes originated in South Africa. It might have been the wits i don't remember which one for sure. As far as hets, the only way to know is the breeder or breeding. I agree with the zeroes he likely has hets but unless you want to pay for genetics testing (and I'm not sure how accurate that is, it's fairly new) asking the breeder or breeding into know gentics is the only way to find out.

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Witblits is the morph that originated in South Africa. I believe zero originated in the states, although I'm not sure. It's the newest of the three pattern less morphs, and I know the other two originated outside of the states.
I am wanting to know generally, about what amount/percentage of Zeros carry some type of recessive genetics?
It would be impossible to know. How selective breeding works, generally the non-desired trait gets bred out over time, and only gets reintroduce for a reason. A zero has just as much chance of being het for other traits as any other morph. And you are right, the only real way to find out would be through breeding, or knowing the genetics of mom and dad.

He very well could have no recessive traits.

In the end it doesn't matter if he has any recessive traits or not
If you're not going to be breeding, your right, it doesn't.



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I apperciate the information everyone! Thanks!
Does anyone know how the first Zero came to be? Just a mixture of alot of genes? Kinda like how the Paradox seems to work. I have seen some people state that the paradox started with a mixture of genes, like hypo, trans, dunner, etc. causing the paradox anormality.
(Still a mysteryfor most on how to repoduce them since it is not a morph, but an anormlity.)

Also, is it true that in most cases, you won't know a baby is paradox until it is older? Around 2-3 months, soemtimes even more than that?
Makes me wonder how many are getting sold as a hypo red or something just to find out when the dragon is older that it was paradox lol.

Pretty much as I dive deeper into this topic it rises alot of questions. Like if the paradox is an anormality that was "accidently"(or purposely) discovered could that mean there are more anormalitys we have yet to discover? If Witblits and Zeros are newer, how are different morphs coming to rise. What could be next? :unsure:

Guess Ill throw this in here as well, can some clairify what an oddball is? I saw one on MM and very light, almost polar looking. But am not sure what traits make it an oddball, just coloring?


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