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Your cage decor looks great ! I was trying to spot the little one in there, I'll have to have another look. So yes, unfortunately the coil type uvb is what you have and they are not effective in a big + tall tank, the uvb is too weak. You'll need to get the long tube uvb that Karrie mentioned. Either a Reptisun 10.0 t5 or Arcadia D3 12-14 %. I know that lighting is super confusing and sadly many pet stores sell weak uvb bulbs.
you can see her tail sticking out of the log on the left side lol and what should the wattage be for the light?? Also thank you both for your help 😊

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O.K., I see the tail now. :) So yes, be sure to get the long tube uvb bulb ASAP. It is crucial for proper bone development and a young beardie can develop metabolic bone disease quickly [ MBD ] The extra aluminum dome will be needed for another heat bulb so you can have more heat in the tank, one bulb rarely does it. Just look for the 4 pack like this at Walmart or Lowe's, you don't need a pet store heat bulb.


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Ideally, you really only need a nice bright basking light for heating/warmth during the day, along with
a UVB source.
If you need additional warmth overnight, you can use a ceramic heat emitter so it doesn't interfere with
his sleeping.
I am glad to see you have done so much research & homework for your dragon. Let us know if you have
more questions!



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Also recently I’ve noticed her tail and legs becoming dull in colour! Is this a sign of shedding soon?? When should I interfere with shedding? I know not to pull shed off them but when should I start misting her or giving her a bath?
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Hi I have a hypo bearded dragon called Buddy. He is two, and I have a lot of experience looking after him. He has never benn sick before so I am hoping he will not!
Hello , im still figureing out this platform,
So violet laid eggs, weeks ago, she was doing very well , in the last 3 to 4 days her poop was more than runny . Haven't changed much in her diet , an appetite is very good. Should I be considering a parasites remedy as she does get bloated as soon as she starts to eat.
My baby beardie likes to sit in their water bowl. I'm curious on whether it would hurt them or not.
Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u
Im needing some questions answered about my female beardeddragon, I honestly have no idea on age , she was a recuse, as ive had a couple in my life an have experience. So 9 weeks in , she earing well pooping well getting comfortable, then approx 3-4 days ago the digging started. So I got a dig box set up in her 75 g tank. Well within 2 hours she dropped an egg. Now only one egg an its been 10 hours.shouldiBworried

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