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Saw this gargeer gel food supplement on Amazon. Mixed reviews from others, but mostly positive. Just curious if anyone has tried this, or if anyone is totally against it? My 5.5 month old is trying new foods daily because he seems to be bored with the usual. Looking for any sorts of things that may interest but can offer all nutritional benefits. I know about plenty others, this is just something new I haven't seen or heard of previously. Please advise if there are any dangers? Thanks!


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You can try it. It looks like a knock off Rapashy product. I'd be more inclined to go with Rapashy if you're wanting to try out the gelled foods.

Personally, I recommend giving live food sources and salads instead.


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Have you fed fresh dandelion? No sprayed or fertilized plant please-- you can feed stems and all


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I've tried dandelions yes, my last 2 dragons loved them, this one not so much. For a week now he's been turning a blind eye to live food. Temps and lighting are good, even added more in case. Have proper thermometers, he will eat but is being increasingly picky. Still gaining weight, pooping regularly, but I've had to really force some of the good stuff to keep life sorta balanced. My last baby went through similar at this age. Hoping he will regain interest in live food soon..still working on getting some good bee pollen..anyone recommend something we can order online? I'll also add were plenty hydrated and always enjoy baths. Super active and interested, not sure what the problem is.

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