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I’m just getting into learning about bearded dragons genetics and breeding and I’m not finding much info online about g stripes. My question is, can you breed a g stripe x g stripe for 100% g stripe offspring? I know some pairings aren’t safe like zero x zero etc.


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I'm not 100% sure but I believe g stripe x g stripe is possible like hypo x hypo but to my knowledge it's somewhat unreliable in producing g stripe offspring so you certainly won't get a 100% g stripe clutch out of that cross.


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Take my advice for what it is, I've not bred G stripes and don't plan to.

G stripe is a trait, not a morph. AKA, not a genetic mutation. So breeding G stripes with each other should be fine. Just the same as "tiger" isn't really a morph, it's just a line of dragons who have had a certain trait (pattern) bred into their lineage.

Trait being color, pattern, etc.
Morph being a genetic mutation such as scale reduction (leathers) Loss of pattern (zeros/witblits) Translucent scales (trans) Etc..


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