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Hi everyone, I`m back with a question for Smawg. If anyone remembers us. Anyways She still will not eat any fruits & she will only take a small bite or two of a fresh green. not everyday, not every other day either, I do leave it in her cage and change it daily but she does not want it. The only time she will eat those couple pieces, is when I don`t feed her for 2 days. But again it would only be a few small bites & that`s it. So I refuse to make her go hungry for 2 days anymore, for it seems pointless since she will not eat more then what she does.

As for what she does eat. Hornworms,crickets,wax worms, she`s had roaches a few times not lately though

Should she be drinking any water or no? I know that they get there water from the insects & food, But I hear some owners beardies will drink water from there bowls. Mine doesn't.

I do mist her every other day & bath her every week for 20 min to a half hour.

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Is she still a good weight? She may just not be too hungry at the moment. I offer veges every day but only offer bugs every few days. If she's still a good weight then it shouldn't cause a problem for her to go for a while without food.
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