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I give my baby beardie fruits and veggies EVERY day and he has never once eaten a morsel. HOW can i get him to eat them.


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Hi...First, he is being smart by not wanting to eat fruit!! Most of it isn't good for them. A piece of a strawberry once a week won't hurt, but definitely he shouldn't be eating fruit daily.
What kinds of veggies are you offering?
How old is your dragon?
Many dragons prefer their live food. You should be offering him collard, dandelion, turnip, or mustard greens daily with toppings to include endive, raddicio, rocket, squashes...summer, zucchini, or butternut (looks like a huge pale yellow pear and needs to be peeled). Go to for a good list of what is good for them to eat.
Have you gone over your set up with anyone on here to be sure your lights & heat are correct?
Good luck
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