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I wanted to find a way to get fruit for my BD which i have named Michota (in memory of a friend that passed). Problem i was having was waste. I'd buy fruit and hes still small so i'd throw 80% of the fruit away. So i bought the little prepackaged fruit cocktail cups for kids. I know their pretty sugary so i drained the juice out and gave them a light rinse to take off the excess. I hand fed him a couple little pieces after i diced it up small and put it in his bowl. He ate a piece and seemed to like it. Is this a good idea? It's really easy for me to do that and throw it in his bowl when i wanna give him some fruit. All the fruits are on the list for normal BD food I just wanted to make sure its cool to use the little fruit cups.


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I stay FAR away from any processed foods for my Beardie.

What about fruits that YOU like. A lot of people like to share :)


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Darn...I was really hoping that was the ticket. I just find myself throwing so much away cause i cant always stop at the store every other day to get food and stuff. Anyone know any tricks? Or any specific fruits that are easy to prep and seem to last a decent amount of time?

BTW I liked the mango i bought him the other day. I kept hacking chunks off for me as i chopped it up for him. Any fruit really, aside from cantalope and honeydew...they are atrocious...


One of the things I am looking forward to with getting a beardie is that I will probably have to end up eating a lot more fruits and vegetables since I won't want them to go to waste. I see a lot of Kale and collard greens in my future.
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