Frequency to give calcium, D3 and multivitamin


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Hi I'd like to confirm what is the frequency that I should give calcium, calcium with D3 and multivitamin to my dragon Timber.

Here are some info about Timber:

- I dono his age but he is 50cm long and 486g now, we brought him home in Nov-21
- My tank size is 135cm long and I will be using Reptisun 10.0 T8 UVB x 2 tubes
- At the moment Timber totally not eating any greens. His diet is purely on insects, normally around 13 crickets or dubias per day, with maybe 1-2 blueberries (I know this is not good but I didn't manage to get him eat greens yet ><)

For each calcium, calcium with D3 and multivitamin, can recommend what are the good brands I can go for?

And may I know how long can the supplements last? Do I need to keep them in the fridge so to last until they finish?

I read from other site that if dragon having underbite it means over calcium is it true? I add a photo of Timber coz I'm worried it got a little underbite.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 3
Let me show you the setup. I rearrange it last few days and this is the "temporary finalized" version. Why temporary bcoz it turns out that the tubes are too near to dragon, around 3-4 inches, I need to lift the tubes 2 inches higher tomorrow.

This setup I follow the standard tank setup diagram that found on Google, is it okay? Please ignore the messy surroundings ><

And with this setup may I know what is the frequency I should give calcium, calcium w d3 and vitamin?

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Are you using 2 UVB's I would only use one --- and I would lower the hammock to where its 6-8 inches underneath -- and take the other one above the shelf out- how tall is your tank ?


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Hi sorry for this late reply coz I rearrange the tank last few days.

We did try bee pollen before he shows no interest at all. BSFL we gave him before too he vomit, but I read that it has very good nutrition so ya I think we should try it again.
May have just ate them too quick try bsfl again. They are a great food source.


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Hi, with the 24" it can only cover the middle part of the tank. Does it mean I can leave the right side basking zone without uvb? So to let him choose whether he want to go middle (uvb) or right side (basking)?


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When it comes to UV be the reason they say 2/3 or half of the tank is because you want what they call a light to shade method. Meaning you’re gonna want right under the hotspot to be the intense zone. down to the cool zone where they get less and less UVB to nothing.


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