Free run? Please share your pics!


Hi! I’m working on a custom 120gal melamine bioactive terrarium for when my beardie is older. He’s only 4months at the moment.
I was looking at google images today and saw this:


Anyone has anything similar? Think it would be worth it? I was thinking of doing something like it so he can reach a patch of natural sunlight we get in the mornings near were his tank will be, so he can come and go as he pleases… anyone has something similar? Please share your photos!!
I’ve always liked this idea, but my tank is far off the floor on a sideboard. Looks like a real nice way to give your beardie a bit more space during the day. It would be great enrichment too.
I do have a couple minor thoughts on it though.

-To maintain correct temps and humidity inside the tank, the door will likely need to be shut most of the time.
-Most beardies are pretty good climbers, but it would be important to make sure the dragon knows how to use the ramp safely, and make sure they know they can get back into the tank, so that they don’t feel confined in the bottom area and stress out.

One more thing, natural sunlight is great for them, but windows filter uvb and some other beneficial wavelengths, so if you want that, outside is better. That said, light through a window is still great, and I let my beardie roam and sit in front of the window myself. You still have the benefit of UVA and a natural color spectrum, both which are important for the dragon.

Go for it if you want!! I think it’s a good idea.
On another note, some people here, including me, have outside runs. Mines a small, repurposed rabbit run which my lizard goes in for some nice sun rays. This is an old photo, and it’s been redesign a bit since, but you get the basic idea.


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Thanks for your idea!! I love the outside run. I live in an apartment but I do have a little balcony that my beardie will probably love! I’ll see if I can make an outside run like that one and some sort of tunnel to connect it to his enclosure. Thanks a lot!
Oooh that sounds like a really nice idea actually.
I live in a house now but me and Spike used to live an apartment too. He LOVED the balcony so we beardie proofed the railings and let him use that space.


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Oh! That is lovely! Do you have any pictured of the beardie proofing? My balcony has a net around the ‘iron basket’? The iron railing around it pero I think my beardie would climb that easily and do a kamikaze jump?
Ah I’m afraid not.
Although it sounds like you have a similar thing to what we did. Just used strips of chicken wire and weaved(?) Wove(?)
the wire through the metal railings. (We were renting, so nothing could be permanent).
I was fortunate to have a lazy boy who just wanted to bask in the sun, and he never tried to climb it.
Im not sure what would work actually. Maybe look up something like dog/cat/child proofed balcony? You might find some useful ideas.

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This is Darwin's current setup. His lights (incandescent flood bulb and Arcadia MVB) are set up in a corner of the living room. He roams around the house for most of he day and returns to warm up when he wants a bask. It's next to a sliding door that he can easily look out from and loves. He typically returns to (or near) his cushion bed when he wants to go to sleep at night.


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