Free Roam and Steam Radiators


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So the cold weather is upon us here in Mass. My apartment has steam radiators for heat. So when I let Volcano out for some free roam time I built a wall in front of the radiator because I don't want him to get burned. Well nature called and I left him alone in the room for a minute to take care of business (yeah probably dumb on my part). I come back to find the lil punk had managed to scale the wall and was sitting on top of the radiator looking out the window. I ran over and grabbed him quick and luckily the radiator wasn't hot jus a bit warm. Anyone else have this issue and what's your solution? I'm thinking a thick blanket over the radiator (steam radiators generally do not start fires) in case I have to exit the room again. What do you all think?

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I would be a bit concerned about burns since a quick touch could cause an issue. Especially if he winds up climbing something and landing on it rather than running up to it (which would give him more time to get away after sensing the heat). You might want to set him up with a play pen that you can drop him in when unsupervised. Or if you have a room without a radiator you could plop him down in there for a bit as needed. He isn't likely to purposely run up to it and get burned, but they are curious and sometimes a bit clumsy so accidents may happen. Better to be cautious in this case, but not too overprotective I think.


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I don't think this is necessary, because if we experience discomfort or pain, we reflexively move away from the place that makes us uncomfortable. I suggest you don't cover the radiator with anything, as I don't know what those steam radiators are like and a blanket will trap heat instead of warming the room. I myself recently installed radiators from a website where A wide range of designer radiators are available, and I found them to be very good. Leave it as it is, I'm sure nothing bad will happen.
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You can buy window screen kits at lowes and home depot. Im sure with a little thought and measuring you could buils a screen adequate to keep him away from the radiator. He will be able to climb the screen but as long as you have 8 or 10 inches from the screen to the radiator he wouldn't get burned

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