Fred - My first! (and a couple questions for the gurus)


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Hi All :)

First-timer here, and first-timer with a Beardie. Hoping to get some good advice from others with experience so I can provide my little one with the best care I can give, and hopefully be able to pass on what I can learn to others.

So this is Fred. I'm about 1.5 weeks in with him. I thought I'd both introduce myself and get some first impressions/questions answered, since I want to do this right.


Here's his space:


  • So, I've got an 18" T8 UVB (Reptisun) on the inside of the screen.
  • For the basking light, I have a 125W mercury all-in-one (Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Bulb) in a reflective dome above the screen.
  • Little hammock on the warm side, food/water on the cooler side.
  • Used some non-slip tile with a stone look for the substrate (has a good texture so it's not like glass under his feet)... Thought it would work best for sanitary reasons, and to hold a little extra heat overnight when the lights are out.
  • I use an IR heat gun to check temps in spots.

Questions for the beardie-veterans:

  1. Does this look adequate?
  2. I don't know if I should be concerned... He hasn't been eating a lot. He's been super-friendly and will take the odd cricket from my hand. He'll eat mealworms. Chases and eats crickets when he wants. I see him eat, but I don't know if it's enough. I don't see a lot of signs of stress, but I hear and have read that young beardies should be eating quite a few insects on a daily. I think I can count how many he's been eating on 1-2 hands.
  3. Also having a hell of a time getting greens into him. Tried bee pollen, dried flower topping, mealworms to add some movement... Same results. I just stay with it. One time he has taken a small piece of dandelion leaf from me by hand.

Not sure if these are just things that might improve/change over time? I try not to leave crickets in the vivarium for too long, but it seems tedious to put them in and take them out after he eats none of them (again, on occasion he chases down/eats one or two).

Otherwise likes to bask, and sleeps well at night (I keep nighttime temps between 74F-85F). Also dropping in a shallow 85-90F bath every couple days to keep hydrated (I don't really see him drink from his dish, and without the greens, figure the baths are good as I see him drink a bit while he soaks).

I know, I probably sound like a noob (and I am), but I do want to be a good owner, and him a happy pet - so I appreciate and will try to absorb as much knowledge as I can. Thank you all!

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Your tank looks good --- I see digital thermometers do those have probes? If not you need one w/ a probe to get actual basking temps--take the probe place it on where he bask leaver 10 min - is he eating any better now ? Temps should be 105-110 for him -- you can get him some BSFL to lure him to the bowl to eat his salads -- DO NOT DUST them -- feed as many as you want and I would get large he will need a bowl like this for salads and insects --
its good you have the extra UVB most times those MVB do not provide enough UVB -- as he grows he will get too big for that stick hes sitting on now

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