Frantic beardie chase.

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So this afternoon I decided to let my little Daytona run around the living room for a bit. That was a mistake.

I spent 15 or so minutes following her, trying not to scare her while she deftly evaded capture. She finally made her way into the kitchen where she had absolutely NO traction. I decided that was a perfect opportunity to grab a few crickets to use as a lure. As soon as she saw the cricket cup she came slipping and sliding across the kitchen and jumped right into the cup. Little rascal. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was so worried about her finding some little nook or cranny that I couldn't see and slipping in there. This little girl needs a playpen. :banghead:


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That is why I wait until mine are a lot bigger before they get the run of the house. Makes me panic! LOL
I use my hallway or bathroom for the babies to run around.


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I even got to go on another one today, though not nearly as heart stopping. I beardie baby-proofed the hallway and let her run around for a bit. She made her way into the kitchen again so Queen Daytona was easily captured. :D
our's are banned from the kitchen, to many little places to get into. one nearly got behind the fridge once, dont think i've ever moved so fast in my life, lol


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I have just started letting my little ones roam for short amounts of time. You are right though, they could get into a small crack or something similar very easily.

Lately Spike is out of his viv from when I come home till the morning. He has been hanging out till him falls a sleep and I just let him be and put him in his viv when I leave for work. This past Saturday, I had let Spike sleep out of the viv. I slept in and when I got up it was sunny already. I leave my glass sliding door open and the screen closed. Well, he had woken up and climb up the screen. He was half way up it when I came out!


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that happenned to me once too when Dasher was just a baby he got frightened by something and ran so fast that i got my daily workout! :mrgreen:


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lol..I am always paranoid about losing Dudlee! lol...Thats why she is either in the playpen, or in her harness while wondering around the house!


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I have a cardboard strip about 6 feet long. I put it in a lil circle and put Zing in it. :) He went outside 4 first time, wana see vid? :p
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