Found small bug in tank


found this small bug in my beardies enclosure todya for the first time. there was only one. i was wondering if it is harmful?

also my beardie is very young and has been shedding the last two weeks and seems distressed, rubbing his head on his decor (i think the face shedding is going to start soon) is there anyway i can help him along ?
Just looks like a beetle of some kind. Won’t hurt your dragon, just take it out so they don’t think it’s food lol.

Sheddings rough! My four year old has just started his very first full body shed and he’s in the same boat. (I adopted him last year from someone who kept him without proper uvb ?)
It’s good to have things for them to rub against when uncomfortable, just make sure there’s no sharp edges.
A soak in the bath (or the sink because your friend is little) is good for shedding, just make sure you dry them off and put them under the basking light afterwards.
Sometimes they don’t eat very well when shedding. Usually this isn’t a problem but if things look really rough (hiding all day, no energy, stressed, not eating) I’ve found a day or two of Repta-boost gives them a bit more strength. Don’t pull on or remove any of the shed. This damages the scales and causes the dragon pain.
Other than that, you just have to wait it out.

There are products like Shed-ease and shedding aid spray but I can’t say for sure if they work. Some people think they are fantastic and some think they are a waste of money.
To be honest, I’d probably not use them for a normal shed anyhow, it’s better for the dragon to go through the process naturally. Maybe a stuck shed, but it’s still not confirmed if its actually effective.

Side note: I’ve seen some people suggest coconut oil and lotions and other sorts of oils. This is probably a bad idea as oils will heat up under a basking light and cause burns on the dragons skin. 100% aloe Vera would be a more safe choice if you are determined to put something on. Still, if you did, apply it at bedtime so it doesn’t heat up. I’ve seen this used on silk backs, usually normal beardies don’t need this.

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