Found 1 egg in bearded dragons tank. She's gravid, Help!

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My beardie Sandy just turned 2 years old in January. Just tonight I found 1 infertile egg in her tank! We did not breed her, and this will be her first ever clutch of eggs. She has been glass surfing more than usual, is more hyper, and her tummy looks a little bit big. I'm afraid she'll die if we make one wrong step. Tomorrow we will get her a lay box using play sand and topsoil. Her diet will be switched to include a rich supply of calcium. Any suggestions? She is my first ever bearded dragon, so we will take all the help we can get. We are considering taking her to the vet if we have no luck after a while.

Edit: She laid an egg on her reptile carpet, so we are hoping she will not be picky with her digging substrate.
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