For years I've wanted an orange beardie like this

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I actually saved this picture many years ago. It's in my animals folder. By now the actual dragon may have died of old age.

I'm really new to dragon care, so before I buy an expensive color morph, I want to make sure my own husbandry is sufficient, i.e. I want to wait until Grover is at least six months old and in his adult enclosure before taking on another baby.

What's the best way to describe this color morph (there are so many!!!)? Hypo orange? Hypo sunburst???

Also, is it acceptable for you to recommend me a breeder? Dachiu has a really nice guarantee on their live dragons, but I wrote them an email and they haven't responded. They are busy and in the process of moving, so perhaps I should try again. I was hoping for a "I'm going to reply" reply. :) I try to do that with my customers, but I don't have the same amount of traffic, so I understand my email getting lost. Do they have a waiting line? If so, I'd like to get in it for a nice orange dragon. I'm not sure which sex just yet. Whichever sex, my dream beardie has always looked like the one above.

John's Orange Herps has some nice breeders, but when I look at the babies they don't look as visually stunning as Dachiu's babies. I know it takes time to moult into adult coloration, but I don't know what I'm looking at. Yet.

Advice, por favor?


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BeardedDaddy":9xjuq92a said:
Hey, If you like that Morph check out I have seen some nice stuff out of her lines. I prefer Yellows and Citrus but if I wanted and Orange I'd go to her or John. If you want more of a Red then check out Chris Allen. Hope this helps..
I got my baby from Rainbow, she didn't start out looking very colorful but at 5 months old she's shed into a brilliant burnt orange color! I would definitely go with Rainbow, her prices are reasonable and babies well cared for :)

Scully when I first got her:

Scully now!

This one is a couple months old but it's a good shot of her face. Her beard is all orange now, no white.

(Her parents are Julius and Rosie)


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Very nice girl you got there looks like a colored leatherback with the way the scales look. I would recommend checking for the topic owner. I like the silkback/leatherbacks there cool and colorful as well. I really hope my girl looks like yours someday.


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Thanks to you both. Yes, she is a biggun at 17.5 inches and 500+ grams (no joke). She is the sweetest most loveable girl! Definitely the apple of my eye right now (no offense to my other 2 cuties!)

I also noticed Cheryl from Rio Reptiles posted new babies on facebook tonight, listed as "Fire Tigers, Fire Tangs, Extreme Tangs & Citrus Reds" which is probably right up your alley. I haven't gotten a beardie from her but I order all of my supplies through her and she's great :)


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Thanks everyone!

I'll probably revisit this topic in six months to a year or so. I have enough on my hands learning about Grover's needs. I already love him bunches at five inches. I can hardly wait until he's calm enough to just chill with me for a little while like my 25-year-old Amazon parrot does.

Regarding Scully: Isn't it interesting how the color comes in? I used to have Okeetee, albino Okeetee and rosy corn snakes. It was interesting watching the color changes with each shed. Scully doesn't miss many meals, does she? :D

The Fire tangs, etc.: Wow! What do these guys look like as adults?
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