For those who want to build a DIY platform...

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I've noticed many people, in many different forums, asking for a detailed list of supplies needed to build a basking platform. I thought I'd post all the materials that I used to build mine and the cost of each.

Here is the finished product just for reference:


and the list of supplies...

-foamboard: Perma "R" multipurpose. Comes in a 6 pk of 3/4"x13 5/8"x48" sheets that are easier to work with than the 8'x4' sheets. $8

-Adhesive: Liquid Nails Interior Projects Construction Adhesive. I used the one in the red tube and later found out that there's another Liquid Nails for Projects that's actually made to use for foamboard lol. The red tube worked just fine though. it was just under $2.

Grout- KeraColor 10 lb bag. I used the harvest colored grout, although you could get white grout and stain it whatever color you want with concrete stain. I did about 4 coats even though some recommend doing more. The guy on typical only does 3 coats. After the 4 coats I still had about a quarter of the bag left. $12

Paint: Folk Art acrylic paint in 944 Nutmeg and 452 Raw Sienna. This is an optional step. You could certainly just skip straight to the sealer, but painting will give your platform a personal touch. There's no right or wrong way to apply the paint (it's your creation, use your imagination). I like the look of sponging though. I think it gives it a natural warmth. $1 per bottle

-sponges: 4 pk of natural sponges. $3

Sealer: Mod Podge Hard Coat (the purple bottle). adds the Mod Podge and some water to a spray bottle and squirts it onto the structures in 5 progressively thicker layers. I have yet to seal mine so I'm not sure how much of the sealer is needed but I will update as soon as I figure it out :mrgreen: . I bought 2 bottles just incase and will return the second if its not needed. $8 per bottle

Some other things I used that I had around the house:
-bucket, for mixing grout
-plastic spatula, for mixing grout
-2" and 1" paint brushes, for applying the grout
-many, many toothpicks, for holding the foam together before glueing and also holding weaker areas together after glueing while it dries

All together it cost me about $40 for all the materials including both bottles of Mod Podge. My platform is quite large taking up about half of my 55 gal tank.

For tips on assembling everything I highly recommend

Hope this was at least somewhat helpful to those wanting to build a basking platform!


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Where can I get this Mod Podge Sealer? I've looked but seem to be having a hard time locating it. A link to a place would be helpful

Its the one ingredient I need to finish my project


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I bought mine from Michaels craft store for $7.99 a bottle. Create For Less has it for $5.89. I don't know what shipping will cost you since I'm not sure where you're located. If you don't have a Michaels in your area I'm sure that any craft store would carry it. You could also check out the Mod Podge website and see if they have a locater for retailers in your area.

Hope this helped!


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For the Mod Podge on mine, I use 2-3 layers (2 on the bottom or sides that are against the wall, and 3 on the surfaces my beardie will actually be using) and I don't water it down.


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Thanks for the info. I actually have a Michaels nearby. I got a lot of my supplies there but must have missed the Mod Podge Sealant. I'll have to stop by again and give it another look.


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I'm definitely gonna be looking at those amazing pictures of yours a lot over the next few days while I continue my attempt at building my own!! Soooo pretty... :shock:
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