For Katherine; beardies in hiding

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Hi Katherine, I thought I'd start a thread of hiding beradies. If you have any pictures of Bogart the Great, add them on.
I'll start with our best hiding beardie, Sweetie Pie:
Hiding in the rosemary:

Hiding on Mom's head (guess the tail gave her away!)

Hiding in the hat:

Where's the beardie? It took us awhile to find her!

Hiding under the couch. "Can you see me Mom?"

Hiding in the curtain:

Hiding in plain sight, I think Sweetie thought if she couldn't see us we couldn't see her, silly beardie:

And last but not least, Sweetie hiding on the couch, under Daddy's things:

I don't have as many hiding pictures of our other beardies, but I'll try to find some.

So now, everyone, let's see those hiding beardies :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

Deborah & Roger


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Ok I had to try this :blob8: I hope it works. It is the ultimate hiding video.

If this works it is a little dark, but so cool. Cocoa is very mothering towards everything. What she is doing is hiding Kashet from Pixe (our other dog) who defiantly not mothering. If you click on the picture it will take you to my photobucket and play the video. You are welcome to look at the rest of my pics on photobucket if you want there all of Kashet or Kashet's viv project. My user name on there is willak. I don't know if you need it or not :?:


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I got a couple more have to show you all.

Cocoa is very protective of Kashet. She watches Pixie very close.

diamc Sicko
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Here's some beardies in hiding for you Katherine.

This is Widge when he was a baby peeking around his basking log. Can you see him?

These are both Sabrina, she is quite the silly girl, loves to pose for pictures but also likes hiding at times.:p


I'll try to download some more tomorrow for you if you'd like to see more.


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:lol: Pookie is sooo good at hiding! How do you ever find him, or do you just follow him around constantly?
He must have taught Bogie. Still can't locate that rascal. :(

Katherine loves looking at the picts and playing find the dragon. Keep 'em coming, please.

Sandy H

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protiemama":71ba6 said:
:lol: Pookie is sooo good at hiding! How do you ever find him, or do you just follow him around constantly?
I look in/under every little crevice. It's never an easy task looking for Pookie - and now I have Buddy to search for too :roll:).

How about a turtle in hiding?





protiemama":71ba6 said:
He must have taught Bogie. Still can't locate that rascal. :(
Still no Bogie?!?


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What a cutie Lilly is! I love the action shot. :lol: You could make that into a LOL Beardie. "Camera Shy; I has it"

Well, here goes another.
He's not a beardie, but he's hiding.
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