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Hello as you all know Chico is a very picky eater. He will not touch his greens unless I make a veg slurry and syringe feed him. I've been feeding him approved baby food as well. I order this omnivore mix with calcium (link below) and he absolutely loves it. He is eating it without hesitation. I am taking out the bugs but wanting to know if I should leave them in? He is refusing the live mealworms now and the silk worms. Remember he has gout and these bugs are low in purines. If I continue to feed him nutrition by syringe such as turnip, collard, green beans and such daily would it be okay if I give him a spoonful of the omnivore mix described below daily?


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Hazel my female baby beardie and Warrior my male baby rescue
You can do it daily but like a semi small medium portion of it. It is pretty smart to take out the insects cuz they can bite your beardie if they wanted to

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