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Hi I’ve posted about me bearded dragon pan who has been struggling with eggs since December when I got her. She went to the yesterday for blood test and X-rays, the X-rays are had to see I’ll upload it all I know Tracy is good at reading blood test and hopefully she will be able to help me again. The vet has told me that she has high calcium and this is common when they are have reproductive problems and has a said that she has follicular stasis and will need spaying I just want a second opinion.
She is book in on Monday for the surgery. It’s going to cost £500-800. I’ve got a go fund me set up if any one could donate it would be greatly appreciated it would mean so much for me and pan.

At the moment pan is doing alright she has a clear beard (not black) and is alert and somewhat active she has been very tired but this is probably down to her digging a lot.
I have mentioned in my other post that she has struggle with her breathing we think this is due to the follicles causing pressure on her lungs any help will be great. She also still has a great appetite.
this was her X-ray taken in December
Her most recent ones taken yesterday
her blood test results.


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The first X-ray was back in December which she obviously carrying eggs or follicles the second 2 were on Monday that’s when the blood test was done as well, but I can’t see clearly on the second two X-rays I’ve asked them to send them again in a different format.
I never got to speak with the vet only the receptionist and all she said was that she has a high level of calcium and will need spaying. They never mentioned anything about the X-ray results.

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Oh O.K., I didn't realize it was from 2 different visits + time periods. The second set of xrays are too hard to see, I wonder why they sent such a large, clear pic the first time but the second 2 pics don't really show anything. I'll send a p.m to one of the mods.,[ Drache613 ] she's usually on at night.


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Thank you ?
I know I couldn’t see the last two properly either every other X-ray I’ve had in the past have been clear like the first one.
I’ve emailed them again to see if they can send them again but in a different format that will hopefully be clearer. Finger crossed they send them today.

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I remember your case, how is your girl doing?
The last x-ray image was from just recently, correct? If so, I can clearly see the eggs, & it
appears to be a good amount of them.
The Total protein is a bit high but that is because of the egg development as well as the
calcium levels, too.
The uric acid & AST levels appear normal overall so it doesn't seem that she is dehydrated
right now.
Are they sure she is egg bound, or is she just having some trouble laying right now?
If egg binding hasn't been confirmed, spaying should be postponed unless of course she is
having some trouble & is in distress. High calcium levels are always present when they are
developing eggs & or follicles.
Is she not trying to lay at all? I agree that if she isn't able to lay them then surgery is always
an option. Did they give oxytocin to help? A lot of times at the late stage egg development
it can cause a burden on breathing. It's a great sign that she still has an appetite & isn't black
bearding either.



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Yes the second and third X-ray are from Monday.
She doing alright just very tired she’s has just started hiding a lot, she is still digging but only for a small amount of time but it’s been like that on and off for 4 months now. Some days her belly can be bloated.

I’m glad the blood test are alright I was really worried. They have said that she has follicles not eggs and that they need to remove them. They haven’t given her anything, I’ve not been given much information I was going to ring up today to see what they say. The receptionist said that the vet said she has high calcium and because of that she will need spaying, they are supposed to be reptile specialist. So she’s booked of the surgery on Monday.
What is the success rate? I know a lot of bearded dragons that become very poorly because of follicular stasis and pan is seeming strong.
I’m even thinking about ringing another vets up and seeing what they say of the results. they have a few vets that deal reptile.
I’m stuck for money I’ve had to start a go fund me and I’ve managed to raise £90 so far

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How is your girl doing?
That is awhile though that she hasn't laid yet. If it isn't too expensive, getting a second
opinion would be helpful.
If she is digging but not enough to lay her eggs, there might be some problem going on
which is causing her to have a hard time laying them.
It is a good sign that she is still strong. If she did have to go through spaying she has a
great chance at a full recovery.

Let us know how she is doing.


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Hi she doing alright still got an appetite, she moving around a bit but has been trying to hide, but going to the vet probably stressed her out. She is slightly digging but only until she is comfy then she stops. She still has a clear beard, the only thing that is seeming to bother her is her breathing.
I’m glad you think she has a good chance I’m trying to stay positive, I know she’s a strong girl. My worry is that one of them have ruptured.
What would you suggest for after the surgery? I’ve got a deep heat projector so I’ll keep that on during the night to keep her warm, and I’ll also keep her on kitchen roll like she is now. The only decorations I have in her tank are wood and cork bark so would I be best taking them out so there is no risk of her stitches being ripped? Should I feed her baby food or try with insects and how much food should she be having? If she eats that is. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes on Monday fingers crossed she will be okay.

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Keep us posted on your girl! How is her breathing?
It is a great sign that she still has an appetite. Even if she is digging, she still may not lay
due to issues, etc When are you going back to the vet, this coming Monday?
Usually the stitches put in are the self dissolving type I believe but they should give you
silver cream most likely, to put on the wound. You definitely shouldn't give any baths tor
awhile until the wound has healed up. If you have a nice soft fleece blankie you can put
that down on the bottom of the tank. You might want to take things out of her tank to be
just bare minimum so she doesn't climb or hurt herself, yes.
Soft foods with minimal insects would be fine, just so she doesn't have to work so hard to
eat or digest while she is healing. I would say 2-4mls daily, or as needed. She might need
to put a bit of weight on after being spayed, but you will have to take a look at her overall
body weight & condition afterwards.

Keep us posted on her!

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