Fitch's Broken Leg

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Hi all, :)

last week we had the shock of coming home to find one of our little dragons dragging his back leg around the viv, alot of emergancy calls to late night vets lead us to believe that this was down to impaction and that we would have to bath the dragon every 2 hours in a warm bath throughough the night and if the condition had not got better in the morning to bring him staight to the vet, we stayed up all night bathing the little one and at about 8am he pooped, leading us to believe this was not now impaction, as soon as this happened we took him straight to the vets and they then told us that it was actually a clean break in his leg, they splinted the leg up and told us to keep it on for about 6-8 weeks and then bring him back to see if it had fully healed, i just wondered if anyone on here had experienced this and could advise us on what to expect in this period of time? at the moment the dragon is eating fine however not moving much and just pretty much basking all day, we have got painkillers and an extra dosing of calcium for him which are both applied to him with a seringe, (he lovvvesss the honey flavoured painkillers but hates the calcium!) we have and are dusting his food with calcium and has reptisun 10 tube in the tank.

anything on what to expect in this period of time would be much appreciated, we just want to know how he should be acting as he just seems abit stressed and depressed (which im guessing is normal as im sure anyone would be with a broken leg), also is there anything extra we should be doing to help ease him and to help the healing process? have heard silkworms are brilliant for pain relief for a dragon?

Many Thanks

Amy :)


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Make sure you remove all climbing furniture, and lower the lights accordingly. And I would leave it like that for a few weeks after the cast comes off. Even after injuries are fully healed, the limb will not be as strong as it used to be for a while. It's very easy to reinjure it in the weeks after.
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