First Vet Visit- nightmare

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Yeah forget about the MBD bloodwork. If she has symptoms of MBD you just treat it with calcium + proper uvb. Getting her in the sun will help too. Once she's dewormed she may absorb calcium better as well. Let's go Nacho ! :)


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Took nacho, or should I say NACHA to HER first vet visit on Sunday. Issue after issue. Nacho has a growth on her tongue theyd like to biopsy under sedation- cost $1200, she is also showing signs of MBD (lower jaw underbite) so they want to run several blood tests to determine where the lack of calcium absorption could be coming from- cost $945. They said her fat pads were a little slim so they prescribed emergency diet to be syringe fed- cost $52 (which by the way she will not eat) and now they just called saying she has a higher than normal pinworm level to come in and pick up antibiotics. Trying to do my research I seen one post about a growth in the mouth reoccurring, many posts about not treating pinworms. To treat or not to treat the pinworms? To biopsy or not to biopsy the tongue?
Update on nach! She’s received her first dose of panacur on Tuesday as per tracie! She’s basically been hiding in her cave most of the day yesterday. And when she was out of the cage she was glass surfing and scratching at the walls. She ate a very few roaches and did poop yesterday which looked like a very healthy poop. But the hiding makes me nervous

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