First time post... Sick 9 month old beardie

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I did not see previous posts so I rewrote what has already been said and am unsure how to delete this so ignore this post. Hope your beardie is doing okay :)

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haileytaco":38z3ex75 said:

Do you know the specific brand and type of the uv bulb? Also, temps are quite low: should be low end 75-85 degrees F, hot side 90-95 degrees F, and basking spot 100-110 degrees F. Temperature as little as 10-20 degrees too cool can often cause beardies to go off feed and become inactive. Up the temps a bit and monitor his behavior and eating the next couple of days and keep us updated.

Hope this helps,
He's using a T8 strip fluorescent tube but hasn't given us the brand name of it yet. He is also using a round gauge (dial) thermometer still and we have discussed that he should replace it with either a probe thermometer or temp gun as soon as he can. So right now it's hard to say what the true temps are since not really getting a good reading at this point.

Sam, how is he acting now? Is he still hiding and did the heated applesauce with oil work?

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Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
I hope that the softer food is helping out for him.



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Hi guys, ok alittle update...

first of all STILL NO POO.
yesterday i tried alittle of the apple sauce with oilive oil... it literally wqas just alittle bit off my finger tip onto his snout which after abit of prodding he licked off, i repetead this a couple of time.
and ive just done the same again tonight to. ive replaced his dial thermometers with didgital ones. by the picturs below his hot end is sitting around 90! this is a 100w heat bulb! i actually use to have a 50w bulb in there before i reported this on here. i simply only put the 100w bulb in as an attempt to heat it up! so.. he was on the 50w bulb ever since i got him and was abosloutely fine. also as you can see from the pictures... he likes to spend most his time on the middle branch dead under his uv light. he dosent seem fussed being under the heat lamp? surely if he needed heat he would be trying to get as warm as possible?? although i dont know!??!
still he seems fine to be honest and maybe he is simply just in semi brumation still??
but still no poo and hasnt touched any greens for about 6 weeks now. ive decided to not feed him any more locusts until he is cleared out.
as i write this his gone back under his hide which ive put now at the cool end

ok... the only thing i can think of is his uv light and heat bulb are to far apart from eachother and he isnt getting the heat when his spending most of his time under the uv???
i will do this tommorow hopefully!
hope this explains everything so far!!
and thank you all so much again!!


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We have poooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Okaaaaay... How shall we go from here? Or maybe there is simply nothing to do and will only poo once every few weeks as in semi brumation??
Haha I think I feel more relieved than he probably does!!
Thank you all again

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Glad to hear it, I know you're relieved. :) And yes, he can just go through this phase as he has been doing. He's visibly in good condition and will not need to eat or produce much waste [ if any ] for weeks or even a couple months at a time[ if he went in to a full sleep brumation ]


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HI there.. just alittle update
Basically nothing has changed. i gues it really is brumation as his been like this for about 6-8 weeks now.
this is basically the routine i have workeed out for
He sleeps flat for 2-3 days under his long.
i wake him by putting him under his heat.
3 hours later i put 10-15 locusts or crickets in.
he runs around like his old self, eats them.
then simply goes back to sleep for another few days! haha
he still shows no intrest in his greens. and i genuionly cant remember the last time he shed!
but he seems perfectly ok when hes awake.
so this is defintly brumation huh? or semi??
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