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First Snek

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I'm doing research around the possibility of getting a snake. I've two questions to start off but will likely add more later, anyways:

1. Does anyone have recommendations on snek species that feed on something other than rodents or lizards? I could 100% feed a snek anything else but not rats/mice/lizards, and I know there are species out there such as red bellied snakes. However, I'm not sure what would be good to start off with.

2. Does anyone have good sources for snek care that I could add to my list? Maybe even another forum such as beardeddragon.org. Bonus points if it's a care sheet specific to the recommended species.
I suppose both. I hated the idea of feeding mice too, even frozen, but your love for your snake takes over! I currently have a Western Hognose, I just place the thawed pinky in and run away haha!

But as for your question... Garter Snakes and Ribbon Snakes are two snakes that typically eat insects (earthworms, crickets) or fish. But in my opinion, frozen mice are actually easier, as they don't run and often one or two mice will be enough for one feeding. Hope this helped!
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