First attempt at breeding


My male has been in the tank since Saturday with the female. From the start no fighting just head bobbing, licking, hand waving, sleeping on side one another or on top each another. Males' beard has been midnight black.
Today I come home for lunch and the tank is a mess. Took me 45 minutes to clean.
Now, the male's beard is back to it's normal color. He's not interested in her any more. Both are on opposite ends of the tank. Is this a wham, bam, thank you ma'am situation?
I was planning on keeping both in the tank until Sunday. Then taking female out for a week and putting her back in for another week.

p.s. There is cigarette ashes and butt in the tank... LOL

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O.K, get them off those cigs ASAP ! So they may have bred but they also may have fought. It's best to only introduce them while you are watching them the entire time so you can help if a fight breaks and also you can see if they actually mate. It's way too stressful for a female to have a male in the same tank for hours or days, especially if she's unreceptive. They can really hurt each other as well, biting off toes, tails, bloody heads, etc. The male can also bite the back of her neck [ which is natural for mating ] but if you're not there he may do that many times and bite all the spikes off the back of her neck. In the wild they would mate and separate, in captivity she can't get away if she wants to, very, very stressful !

So now you can watch + wait to see if she develops eggs. Feed her well and offer plenty of calcium. If you breed them in the future, just put them together while you are watching. Sometimes putting the female in the male's tank works best.
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OK, Female back in tank w/ male. Male doesn't seem interested. Is that indication breeding has taken place? Female scratching when she goes into cave.

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She might be carrying eggs , if so she'll probably lay them within the month but possibly sooner. They also might breed if you put them on the floor in a warm room [ as in the floor isn't cold ] Sometimes if the male sees her in a neutral space they suddenly become interested. But again, it's all up to him.


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I introduced my new male and my girlfriends female this weekend, got a little displaying but he is still a tad to young.
I left the room and Christina decided to put him in my new females (Sweet Pea)habitat.(i wasn't aware till after the fact). Said female is 3 and a half, she lived in a white melamine box with a stick as her only decor, it wasn't even big enough for her to climb. The guy didn't even care enough to name her. To say she was mistreated and neglected don't even start to cover it. Anyways now she has a sweet home, plenty of love, and all the food she wants. SHE IS SPOILED. I relayed that so you understand her. Christina put Sinatra in HER habitat, she very quickly turned into satan himself and kicked poor Sinatra's lil butt all over her habitat. Luckily i got there before she hurt him.
Anyways, my point is the same as AHBD they should NEVER be left unsupervised. I feel like they shouldn't be in a habitat when bread, to much risk, out on the floor where they can separate is much safer.

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