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For anyone seeking a herp (Reptile & Amphibian) veterinarian, go here:
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
This includes countries outside the US.

Here is a similar site:
Find a Reptiles Veterinarian

And another:
Find an ABVP (American Board of Veterinary Practitioners) Specialist

In/near Madison, WI:
UW Veterinary Care-Reptiles

Similarly, here is a list of Veterinary Colleges Worldwide (I cannot attest to its completeness)
List of schools of veterinary medicine

To chat with a veterinarian, go here:
Just Answer Veterinarians
They claim:
We have veterinarians and specialists available to help care for your dog, cat, bird, horse, guinea pig, chicken, and every other animal.
There may be a charge/membership fee for this service. I have not used this service, so I can't really answer any questions about it.

Here is a link to an article--containing links to other articles & resources--regarding herp veterinarians. The article (and I presume the links) are from 2014, so... some additional legwork may be required:
Herp Veterinarians
I found my vet in a similar way.

I go to Midway Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake, VA (in case any of you are near me and want to go there). They've taken excellent care of my beardie! :D
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