Finally it has arrived!- New glass viv

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Heres mine which just got finished today (Nov 10, 2008)
- Lighting is still temporary as I am waiting for the megaray to arrive, so are the fixtures, as you can see, I have styro cave :lol:
- it measures 42"Lx24"Wx20"H. I was able to bring to 48"L coz of the space available, I had to leave space on the right side just in case I needed to add another viv (same size) if I separate the female.
- Of the 20"H, I left 5 Inches for the screen.
- Top opening but only 32" from left to right opens, the remaining 10 inches on the left side is fixed for light to be on top.
- There is also 4 inches left on the top Width for fixed fluorescent lighting if I get a reptisun 10, but as of now I am going to use megaray. That will be the only lighting needed.







Its patterned after this: :study:

Problems: The mega-ray I ordered are 160 watts since the 100's were out so I need to increase the distance so I wont fry my dragons, as to how far, I don't know yet, I really need to get a thermometer. The good thing though is our normal temps here are in the 80's so cooling area doesn't need a lamp. As you can see, the Mega-ray recommends 12 inches away from the basking area,the total height of my viv is 20inches with a screen top. Mite need to get a stand or something to increase the height.

Wish I had a temp gun, will baby ear thermometers do? :)

I will be adding:
- Rear Fiber glass rock wall
- FIber glass or tiled flooring (friend owns a tile shop and I have asked for broken tiles for free which I can just cut to fit,tempting)
- Water Basin, veggie basin
- Hamock


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viv looks fantastic.

My thoughts on the Cup

It looks to be a cup of oil or water to prevent crickets from escaping.. don't they jump.


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It looks taller than 20" with the screened top. It looks really nice! The MVB should be plenty without the need for an extra heat source. The other two bulbs shouldn't even be needed. I have a T-Rex 100W MVB and I get 110 -115 in the basking spot with a distance of about 12" . His color REALLY came to life when I got it the bulb.

You should be fine. If you can't get it the correct distance, the screen top looks like the "openings" would be big enough not to inhibit the UVB if you put it on top. Something I would do, but it's me, is find the diameter of the fixture

If I'm not mistaken the cups keep unwanted critters from crawling up legs into the enclosure. I'm guessing you live in a tropical region, cause it also looks like it is outside by the way the tile meets gravel. . . good trick it works great here when we went camping to keep the kids play pen free of bugs at night.



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Hey guys! Thanks for all your comments!

The water is to keep ants from climbing up, they get to the crickets and kill each and everyone of them. They also mite get into the viv and also nibble on the dragons while they sleep. Yes, the viv is outdoors, pateo area, but still under a roof so it wont get wet and it wont get natural sunlight as well. I have to move them to a small birdcage for basking under direct sunlight.

The MVB still has not arrived yet, so I had to put the light bulb inside as putting it oustide would not get me 100-110, in fact, inside, I only get around 90-95. But stince we have hot weather here with no winds, I think its sufficient enough until my MVBs arrive.

Update: I did buy an MVB case already to put on top of the screen for better aesthetics, will post pics later :)

Thanks guys! :)


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Aside from adding a DIY hammock

I also added Vinyl tiles:

So what I will be working on are:
1.) Rear Rock wall ( I want to get something like this: )
2.) Thermometers
3.) Rock water and food basin.
4.) Rock cave- Do dragons really like caves as much as Leopard Geckos do? If not then I will skip this :-D

Sorry, I'm addicted :twisted:
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