Finally got a New Beardie!! with Pictures

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Hi Everyone!

I posted a lot of questions during the summer worrying about getting a second beardie. During this process I learned my adult female is actually an adult male.

So right now I am the proud mommy to a 15 month old Boy, Sebastian. And a Baby that I have had for 5 hours:) I bought her on the spur of the moment after worrying about it for months.

I am proud to introduce: Princess Peach! She is 2 and a half months old, almost 7 inches long! She is incredibly calm, did not freak out when I brought her home. I packed her around for an hour while I got stuff ready and she stayed put, no fast breathing just looking around. I am already smitten.

Here are some pictures! I know what happens if you post about a baby and don't have any pictures. So I took some first. She's shedding at the moment, but apparently is orange-y colored.


Markings don't look too dark, but she's in a shed
The chin up princess look
She's in a big girl bed!



And a few of Sebastian so he doesn't feel left out
Him as a baby
Him a few months ago
And a glamorous picture of him now!


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Princess Peach is such a cutie!
She sure looks happy!
And it looks like she's already got some attitude going on there, lol.

Oh yes, let's not forget about the handsome boy Sebastian!
I can't tell by the picture, but how long is he approx.?
He looks a lot heftier then my Howie..

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Aww! Your little princess is absolutely adorable :love5:

Sebastion is a good lookin' boy too!

Thanks for sharing the pics with us!


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Thank you everyone! I am so ecstatic still:) I forget though, baby temperatures - 100 to 110? I'm going to have to work hard to get it up to that. Using 2 bulbs and ceramic heat bulb right now.

She gave me so much attitude when I brought her home! Hence the Princess in her name. I love it. Can't wait for the shed to go.

Sebastian is 17.5 inches long. I took that picture after he pigged out after eating nothing for 3 days (cricket shortage in a city of a million people?! - and refusing salad). But ya he's big and I like him that way:)


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That new baby is waaaay too cute!!! Looks like she is full of personality!! Congrats!! Sebastion is quite the handsome boy!! That fan picture freaks me out just a bit though...I hope it's unplugged :lol: :lol: :lol:
Puff 'n' Cindy


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I have mooore! I've been a little camera happy lately.

Yes the fan is unplugged :) You can see the little plug thingy (technical word?) above his pretty little head.

First Cricket!
Digesting her first cricket(s)
Less impressed with her first bath
Escaping her first bath
Running away from her first bath:)
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