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Ok so heres whats going on last may me and some members from this very forum so we do have a facebook page which is where I want most of the focus for this is it will be the center of the discussion and what I want is everyone on this forum to be part of that I do know what I want to accomplish with this TO STOP PETSTORES from mistreating animals ok what im working on is how that's the Big question here how can I get this message all over north America and the uk yeah what are the odds of me actually even changing 50% of them slim to none but to be honest is me a 14 year old boy from Canada to even change 10 of them would make me proud but this is what I need from you guys to help me with like the page discus the page share your thoughts and help me get this page going yes it will be a challenge but the more on board the easier it will get so most importantly I need your help getting this page known letting people know its note a joke this is something that goes on every single day of our lives so plz help FIGHT THE SILENCE!!!!
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Swordtail has been doing a whole lot of "Lizard yoga" lately
Currently trying not to stress over my anemic dragon....she is being treated, but I don't agree with her treatment plan and have been seeking out a second opinion from another vet. If anyone else has dealt with anemia, please let me know how it was resolved. I am losing sleep over this :cry:
Another post lol. My beardie does not like enclosures. Her tank is the kids room and she has created a nesting/bed spot in the corner. She will cuddle with my son but she know when the lights are out and the kids go to sleep, she literally goes to her bed like she is our 3rd baby. I love her. And to think, I never wanted a beardie lol
Please help. My beardie is my baby and I am worried she may be egg bound but I can't tell. She is over 2 yrs old and has never laid an egg. She has been swollen for two days and can't tell if she may be impacted or egg bound. Please help.
I'm still looking to adopt. I live near Homerville Georgia.

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